Tuesday, March 9, 2010

oscars the grouch.

I hate to be the pessimist or nepotist, whatever you might call me, but to be honest, I found the Oscars/Academy Awards to be extremely redundant and rather monotonous.

First, the only shows to actually win anything were either one of the three following:

1) "Avatar"

2) "The Hurt Locker"

3) "Up"

Of course, "Precious" and "The Blind Side" were thrown in a few times to make it a bit more even. I would have preferred seeing films win that weren't such great successes at the theatres, or movies that not everyone watched. Just because a film is extrememly high-grossing doesn't mean it deserves best original score, best digital effects, etc., etc.


On a brighter note, Carey Mulligan was brought to my attention as an up-and-coming star. I can definitely see her becoming highly influential in future films. I mean, her haircut is ADORABLE, and her dress was fabulous.

So, that's all for now, folks.

With love,


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